Restaurant Design UK

Alibi, a restaurant and bar in Halifax, UK, designed by GMP Design.

GMP Design are experts at Restaurant Design UK. Led by founder and director Neil Morten, we build a wide variety of bespoke and innovative projects. He encourages customers to return by working with brands to build and design restaurant interiors. He uses top of the range software to present visually stimulating atmospheres for his restaurant design work. He has designed many restaurants in the UK such as Cleethorpes Pier, The Barking Tap, Lebanese Eaternal and Alibi in Halifax.

Using a variety of techniques, Neil Morten is able to create unique spaces that are both functional and stylish. Producing everything from a small fast-food diner to a sophisticated hotel restaurant, the bespoke designs fit client’s specifications perfectly in order to make sure they get every penny’s worth out of their venues.

Neil Morten, as a leader in restaurant design UK, uses an approach that has great attention to detail. His repertoire of detail includes high quality furniture and design, great floorplans and an intuitive overall atmosphere. This is all achieved in a quick and budgeted manner. Neil always strives to exceed his client’s expectations, no matter how extravagant, and provide flair in the restaurant design UK industry. This is evident by looking at all his work to this date. Neil Morten has over 30 years of experience as a restaurant designer and clients would be happy to agree with that.

Using a variety of techniques, Neil at GMP is able to create unique spaces that are both functional and stylish. He prioritises functionality, cost-effectiveness and pure aesthetics to give his clients something to brag about. If you need help assorting funds, we can help you. Check out our finance page or call us for a FREE Consultation at +44 (0)207 859 4952. You can see more restaurant design UK in our hospitality gallery.

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