The 4 Stages



Stage A – Discovery /Appraisal Of The Initial Brief

A1. Site Criteria Review 

GMP shall work with the client team to understand the business plan. Information gathered during the site investigation period, this information we will be fed into our concept design.   

A2. PhotographicSurvey  

Visit the site to create a photographic record of the site and competition. 

A3. Matterport Survey  

Guide the survey team to make sure their quote for the survey delivers enough information. 

Stage B – Layout And Mood Strategy

B1. Development of the Brief

 GMP shall assist the client team in reviewing his project requirements and assist in the development and adaptation of the initial brief to form the project brief.  

B2. Repositioning Document  

Once GMP understand the position of the business, they will suggest ways of moving the design vision forward. Within this document we will offer draft layout plans that amplify the positioning message.

B3. Mood Board  

GMP shall prepare initial ideas boards of collated imagery produced to provide a visual representation of the project brief. (this is know as a mood board) This will become the project’s style guide, steering the design process along the correct aesthetic path.

Stage C – Layout Plan & Creative Concept Design

C1. Layout Plan   

GMP with a set of fresh eyes we will review and alter if required the layout plan based on the repositioning document identified in Stage B. The Preparation of this layout will investigate capacity analysis, studies of customer flows and cost critical positioning of key elements where budget is a driving factor within the brief. The end game is to produce a layout plan that is creative and promotes operational efficiency whilst being VFM.  

C2 Creative Concept Design  

GMP shall produce a minimum of 13 photo realistic computer generated illustrations and 6 no. 3d spins, to visually express the developed Concept Design. These shall be produced to enable the whole team to have a visual understanding of how the final design should look when constructed.

(See Guarantee below) …  

C3. Production of Sample Board  

GMP shall produce a number of sample boards to reflect the actual surface finishes that will be specified for the project. These shall take the form of a collated board of material samples, paint colours and interior finishes. The Board is produced to allow the project team to understand how the materiology works together. – issued via email.  

C4. Presentation  

GMP shall present the scheme to the Client in the form of a high-quality electronic presentation prepared in PPT, Keynote or similar. GMP will return to site to present the final scheme.


GMP offer a 100% creativity satisfaction guarantee, this means that if you don’t like what we have designed we guarantee to refresh the visuals free of charge