Thinking Time

View this “problem” as an opportunity to use creativity, to gain perspective, and to think about how your business might look in the future  .  We feel confident that we will emerge from this stronger, better, and more resilient The Covid-19 crisis will pass, and after the storm, the sun will shine again. But it will shine on a rather different world. 


1- The banks have 12 month interest free loans that are 85% backed by the Government. These loans are being given to viable businesses. 

2. The councils are giving £25,000 grants to hospitality businesses

3. Business rates are frozen for 12 months.

4. Interest rates are at an all time low – 2nd tier lenders (non high street) have an appetite to lend to hospitality ventures

5.Local Growth grants are available 

6. Construction costs could drop as their are more contractors than customers

Customer Concerns

As the relaxation of the Lockdown takes shape consumers will be concerned about their own safety.  Social distancing is not good for hospitality businesses. We have to think creatively  for example  we have been working with a number of our clients to develop a pop up 10 min Covid testing solution that sits outside of venues.  In the early weeks and months pre vaccine customers must feel safe .  

We must plan to make our customers feel safe !

Use the time you have before the Lockdown ends to come up with strategies and solutions that will make existing and new customers feel safe.


Outside Spaces Will Be Key

The Governments message is that being outside is more healthy. We can also be naturally more socially distanced. Consider improving your exterior areas with retractable roofing systems.