Budgeting a project

How Much  Will It cost?  – How Longs a piece of string ?

Looking for a way of budgeting a project?

This is probably the most ask question we get from both new and existing clients .

Without seeing your project or fully understanding your brief we are still able to offer you some guidance rather than saying “how long is a piece of string? “

To answer your question we need to know :-

1. Size of  the customer element of your business (square meters is preferred) 

2. Capacity of your business (Number of covers)

3. Type of business (Bar, Cafe , Restaurant, Night Club, Shisha Lounge , Hotel)

4. What quality of experience do your customers demand ( Economy, Club Class, Business, 1st class)

5. A similar business bench mark ( eg “We need to be similar to Costa Coffee”)

6. What are the state of the toilets?  (Non existent , Poor , OK , No work required)

7. Kitchen – Do you need new ? What is your menu?

8. Air conditioning ? Old , Need New etc..

9. Sound System & FX Lighting 

10. Do you asbestos in the building ?

11. Do you have an outside area that needs work ? If yes how big  is it 

12. Whats your time frame ?

13. Is your building listed or in a conservation Area 

Ball Park Figures

Economy      £350 / sqm 

Club Class  £600 / Sqm

Business      £1000/Sqm

1st Class      £2000/ Sqm 

CAUTION  – If budgeting a project is too much – you are sometimes better to walk away from a project and look for a smaller site, or get investors or additional finance.

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