Bar Design London

Bar design London is a particular speciality of ours. GMP Design possesses a uniquely skilled team that delivers smart and stylish designs. We have over two decades of experience. The specialists at GMP top quality designs to bars in London. We also provide service for hospitality and leisure venues. If you want to have a bar designed in London in both a timely and effective manner then contact us.
Amazing service and top quality meals are just not enough in the current marketplace which is very competitive. GMP has been working on making visually stimulating and sensually pleasing environments for over 20 years.

In London GMP Design are currently the leaders for high end unique bar design. From small family café’s to busy up class VIP bars, we have experience in all aspects of the market. We aim to build for our clients wishes and make their visions a reality.

GMP have created some of the most innovative bar designs in the world, working on projects from small town bars to famous bar brands in busy night-life locations like Ibiza and London. We have worked with bar design in arrange of venues as far as Nigeria all the way back to London.

Bar design London is definitely our forte. GMP’s ability to cater to any audience displays the range of skill and knowledge we have as designers; we know what your customers want and we come up with unique, impressive ways of fulfilling this.

Bar Design Process

The bar design process with GMP begins with an initial consultation, during which we will discuss your needs and the needs of your intended customer – this will allow us to establish the style we go for in your bar design. Once the initial consultation has occurred, we get to work on your bar design, creating an in-depth, detailed design that will later be shown as a 3D model. We then see your project through to completion, sourcing the right FF&Es and ensuring that all the finishing touches are in place.

Whether you’re looking for the design of a new venue, a refit or renovation, we can work together to create the perfect bar design that will astonish your customer. Get in touch for more information, or if you want to discuss a quote. Perhaps you’re looking for sleek sophistication or the technological wow-factor, we can cater to your bar design needs. You can view some of the bar designs we have completed by looking at the projects page, where there is also information on the project briefs.